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Anti-Aging and Self-Care Tips

Anti-Aging and Self-Care Tips

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The photo on the left is me at 25, and the right is December 2018 at 34. My face and body are a little fuller, but that’s ok!! I FEEL good!

I’m not perfect, but 35-year-old Erica is WAY cooler than 25-year-old Erica…


*I slept in this morning, missed my workout and don’t give a crap.

*I WON’T stress about Bday sugar… I’m gonna enjoy it.

*I’m way more fun to be around because I’m happy with where I’m at in life

*I know what self-love is, and I know HOW-TO love, and let myself BE loved.

*I know what true friendship is, and learned what it takes to maintain it. Need work like anything else.

*I listen more and TRY my best to talk less.

*I’m way more comfortable in my skin, and it’s freeing


I’m totally a fan of my 30’s…


Yes, I feel good, HOWEVER, I’d be lying if I wasn’t scared of aging… I’m sure I’m not the only one. So, I wanted to share my TOP 5 anti-aging/ Self-care tips with you!


This is what has worked for me!


(1) COLLAGEN, AKA Keep-Wrinkles-At-Bay-Powder. Collagen has really helped me have a “glowy” complexion. I love Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen. It’s a MUST! I have used it for 3+ years and swear by it! {Use code: BOWLOBSESSED for 20% off your first order}.


(2) HYDRATE/ AM lemon water. 1st thing in the morning before breakfast or coffee, which helps the digestive system, it’s detoxifying and full of vitamin C. I also shoot to drink a gallon of H20 a day.


(3) SUNSCREEN: EVERYDAY!! Even when it’s over cast? YES!! Even if I wear a hat?? YES!! Even if my makeup claims it has SPF?? YES!! No exception in my opinion. NOTHING WILL AGE YOU FASTER than some good ole UVA rays. I love Elta MD SPF 40 tinted. It’s geat for people with acne!


(4) ROSE HIP OIL, or any nourishing face oil. I love Tata Harper’s Nutrient Face Oil and Fox Brim Rose Hip Oil.  I have been using a face oil for the past 3 years and truly love it! Both are lightweight, rich in Vitamin A & E, and especially great if you suffer from acne, like me. It helps with blemishes while moisturizing, and is also anti-aging. Just put a drop in your face cream morning and night! I am completely into Non-toxic, Green beauty regimen since I have been trying them lately,  and you will see more of this me! Just like the food you put into your body, what you put on your skin is just as important!


(5) YOGA: Hot Yoga to be exact! I am convinced that this is the fountain of youth! It has absolutely helped me be more comfortable in my own skin. I have been practicing for eight years now, and love what it has done for my complexion, body, and mental wellness! Sweating detoxes the skin, so it’s doesn’t NEED to be hot yoga…just break a sweat with what activity makes YOU happy! Just get moving!


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