About Me



I'm Erica, the foodie behind BOWL OBSESSED!

I am 36 years old, a wife, dog mom of 3, yogi, health food enthusiast, and NOW a part-time blogger residing in Fort Worth, TX. My passions in life are all things health, wellness, and obviously FOOD!

I wanted a piece of the internet that was mine!  BOWL OBSESSED is an outlet for me to share my love of cooking, as well as a place for me to continue to learn and grow.

It's my opinion food isn't just fuel for your body, it's an experience. It brings people together, and it should be enjoyable! Here you will find healthy and colorful meals, you can easily create in your own kitchen!

My GOAL??  To continue to live a balanced lifestyle, while making y'all Bowl Obsessed too!!!

Thank you for all the love and support! I'm thrilled you're here!



About me and my Cooking Journey

I grew up in a healthy home and believe the health-conscious lifestyle has always been inside of me; thank you Mom and Dad for our nightly home-cooked family dinners! Being an athlete for the majority of my childhood/early 20's, also allowed me to develop healthy habits, as far as working out is concerned, which I'm grateful for as well. It wasn't until after college that I began to take control of the kitchen, and fully develop my healthy eating habits.

My reasons for wanting to learn how to cook?? I was TIRED. Tired of: spending money eating out during my first few jobs out of college. Tired of aimlessly wondering around grocery stores overwhelmed. Tired of feeling hung-over from unbalanced meals. And the big one: TIRED of breaking out like a teenager, even as an adult. I talk a lot about this on my Instagram page

It didn't happen over-night. It's been an ongoing journey with TONS of trial and error, numerous Martha Stewart 'Everyday Food,' magazines, and more hours than I can count watching the Food Network.

This trial and error journey, is where I discovered my passion of cooking. For me, it was sort of a therapy that blossomed into this JOY, and the kitchen became my happy place.  I started to......

  • Make simple swaps to make a recipe "healthier;" creating healthy twists to any dish
  • Focus on whole foods/limiting sugar & processed foods
  • Discover food freedom and learning balance
  • Realize healthier food choices played a huge part in MY life; healed majority of my ACNE issues, naturally

In this space, I intend to share all of my tips and tricks with you along the way, and hope some of these habits AND recipes will be beneficial in your life as well. I am here to help in anyway that I can!

If you're wondering, I do NOT label myself as anything, Example: Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegetarian, or {Fill in the blank}, I am a lover of ALL foods. Well, OK, not olives. I confess, that is the only food, so far, that I do not like!

I realize there are countless amazing food blogs out there, so I am SO appreciative you are HERE! Thank you for joining me! 


I also have 10 Fun Facts for ya, to get to know me better! 


*Disclosure: I am 100% self-taught, and still learning everyday! I have discovered what works FOR ME, and hope you can take my recipes and see how they fit into your life! I believe it's an ongoing journey to make choices to fuel the mind, body, and soul.